APEC Urban Sustainable Development Conference for Science & Technology Innovation (STI)

With high rates of urbanization and economic growth, as well as a number of new technologies, industries, and mechanisms that have emerged as leaders in global innovation and development, the Asia-Pacific area, where 60% of the world’s population is concentrated, plays a significant role in the development of the global economy. The Asia-Pacific region encompasses a wide variety of economic forms, and the degree of development of each economy varies. Each economy has its own resources, environmental advantages, and industrial characteristics at various levels, and it must combine these characteristics to explore the path of sustainable development, as it is noted in the 2022 AP-ISI,Asia-Pacific Industrial Sustainability Index.

APEC Urban Sustainable Development Conference for Science & Technology Innovation will be held in Shanghai in December 2023 as a side event of INPUT2, focusing on green economy, low-carbon urban mobility, and livable cities. In addition to more than 20 economies with city government officials, business executives, representatives of international organizations, institutions, businesses, and media promoting sustainable urban development, more than six Asia-Pacific economies are anticipated to attend the conference and the competition awards event.

As the outcome documents of this year’s competition – the Declaration on APEC Urban Sustainable Development and the Blue Book and other documents – will also be officially released through APEC.